Photographic evidence

Hello old friends!

In case we’re not facebook official, here’s a link to a smaller (??!!!) album, pared down from the massive collection our photographer masterfully crafted.

Head to:



username –
password – duffey

Enjoy, xxoo

Farewell, so long, we’ll send pictures!

We are just fine and feeling fancy, ever since it all began at our rehearsal dinner.

We gathered up our best girls and boys, gave it a test run at Shully’s and then headed down the lake to Lake Park Bistro (note: the Duffeys planned the most beautiful menu and each table was dressed in its finest with fresh flowers and favors that most guests couldn’t keep from sampling between courses!)  We sipped drinks outside in the hot steamy air…

And found our seats at beautiful tables, laughing and talking and LAUGHING, and listening to the most honest, lovely and generous toasts from brothers, sisters and our best of friends.  

It was a magical night and, when we walked out and I kissed Kevin goodbye, I cried like a wee babe who had just realized the playdate was over.  (But it wasn’t really, it’s was just a break for a nap and a snack before we would get married and have a playdate fo life!)

Speaking of life, and marriage and married life, being away from the blog (for the first time in over a year) made me – poof – 100% ready to say goodbye.  It was fun to plan like a crazy lady and keep a little record of my mind, the last year before I committed to biggest, best love I’ll ever find – but now that I’m there, I’m all set.

All of the little bits, and details, and touches we dreamed up were what made magic happen for Kevin and I.  But then, the day was piping hot, the skies opened up just as our guests arrived, and our garden wedding turned torrential.  (Not to worry…all of us were shielded from the storm by a big white tent, a good amount of A/C, and a lot of love.)  Things we had planned and made by hand and looked forward to?  They got the boot!  It was our first test as husband and wife, and a chance to either ball up our fists and squinch up our faces and throw a big fit.. or roll right along and have the time of our lives.  Which is exactly what we did.

Yes we were stuck with ten pounds of dried extra blue French lavender… which now makes its way, a little each day, into a teeny bowl at our front door, making our whole house smell sweetly, and keeping our wedding day fresh in our minds.  So, instead of spilling each detail, finally getting to announce all the things we’d been keeping hidden away, I’m going to power down the lapblog, and spend that time each night and on Sunday afternoons with my husband.

But its not as if the wedding day was roooned and I can’t bear to speak of it!  It’s not!  So much of what we planned for thirteen months did come to be, and it was enchanting and thrilling and delightful, and I am so looking forward to the photographs, and sharing them too.  So, when our wonderful Linda is ready to give us that gift, I’ll sing out that link over here too.

But…writing about all that magic feels like trying to explain the feeling you have on Christmas morning; bragging on all of your gifts that first Monday back at school would take off the sparkly shine for me.

To be fair, I want to tell you some things that everybody should know because we had the best team in the entire business.

Catering, Event Co-ordination (and venue and bar and rentals and valet and seemingly everything else under the tent…) – Shully’s Cuisine and Events, with Scott Shully, Beth Shully and Sandi Jacoby (they will transform your day, your life – there is no one in the world like this team, who took a thundering monsoon and turned it into a calm, smooth and gorgeous ceremony, with a snap of their fingers and a staff so dedicated and gracious and lovely… I’ll stop, just be warned that if you consider someone else for your event I will soapbox-you until you take a meeting with them and then accept thank yous for my advice in the form of an invitation to your wedding in their garden.)

Photographs – Linda Gumieny  (beautiful genius who I will sing about till the cows  because she is magnificent and sweet and poised and artistic and pulls a shot out of even the slimmest timeframe, plan B setting, tearful squinchy face… you understand.)

Videography – Lucky 13 Productions (so stylish, so simplistic, so lovely you’ll complete forget that they’re there)

Band – Christopher’s Project (front man Pipkins will make you swear that Sly and the Family are back from the dead/rehab, and that Al Green, Otis Redding and Earth Wind and Fire started a reunion tour)

Quartet – Lakeside Strings (I kept it together until my vows – their music brings up everything in your heart and brain and it feels spectacular)

Paper – sisters Hardwick (Laura is an exquisitely talented designer with an impeccable eye, and I know my way around a Sketchie, so we sweated and had a ball and made every stitch you’ll see around the shindig.  Sistahs.)

Floral – Stephanie at Sendik’s Whifefish Bay (no one on this planet gets it like Stephanie, she knew what I was saying two seconds before I said it and then gave me three options to make it even more beautiful, and then on the day of when every last thing changed and nothing was the way we had planned, she transformed a clean white tent into this lush little fairyland.  I love her.)


There were parts of that day that, if I let myself think like the me that planned this wedding… they kind of made me want to scream a little bit; our sunshine hid in the clouds and the heat and rain shined up our faces and poofed out our hair, and my salon girls did what they were in the mood for and not what I’d ordered and… I couldn’t say my vows, I got so caught up in the feeling I was having about marrying the man of my life.  But getting worked up like that?  That’s how I’d feel if I let the planning-me cloud up my view of the day of our lives; the day where we laughed and danced and loved everyone so hard!  So, in the wordiest post of the whole life of the blog, I’ve explained why explaining every piece just won’t do, not for me.

Being engaged and writing this blog was a lovely lovely part of my life and now that it’s over I’m kissing you once, twice, three times (you’re a lady) and wishing you bunches of wild, white-linened, wonderful wedding days; yours, a friend’s, your families’ celebrations are much of what inspired mine and, if you’re not married yet, that feeling of anticipation and excitement for love are what fueled up 8.4.12… write about yours and keep that energy in a blog, in a book, in a place for yourself and your love.  xxoo Jane Duffey

Mr. and Mrs. Duffey are on Happymoon

Here we are! It’s really us.

We got all gussied up and got ourselves hitched.

And then we had a party for two at the Iron Horse:

Chin chin!

Hiya handsome.

And then the next day we woke up and had lunch in the sunshine.  Isn’t he the best there is?  Look at that face.

And now we are bon-voyaging to Cabo Azul for the week…

I approve of the pool.

This looks like a magical circus tent, so obviously I approve of whatever it is that goes on in there.

And that looks roughly like heaven on this earth.  If you need me, I’ll be in some state of repose on that white fluffy contraption in the middle of the room.  But don’t need me, because we are on our happymooooooon!

And I can’t wait to spill open all the details and pour them all over this thing because it was the day of my LIFE when we got married, and every last lady and gentleman at our party was BRINGING IT.  Pure marvelous magic.  Back in 10 days – until then, margarita yoself and toast with us!

xxoo The Duffeys

8.4.12 (!)

This is the day of days!

I started this blog one year ago today, and never actually considered the possibility that 8.4.12 would really come.


But here she is!  We’re a bride and a groom today (!)  My plan is to get myself to the altar on time and then have a big party with my husband (!!!) and dance and drink champagne and love everyone right up.

To you, reader friends, thank you for making me feel like a million bucks, and a very lucky lady. I have a week of posts ready for while we’re off on our happymoon – more whence we return!


Lacey white lovey-style magic twinkle dust to you all, xo Jane

Big Day Eve!

Today is Wedding Eve and it feels like every X-MAS eve, multipled a hundred times then squared. I’m tingling and can barely sit myself down straight.

Tonight we give it a whirl, then head to Lake Park Bistro for cocktails on the lawn and dinner at 8.


Tomorrow, it all happens. To you all who have been on this ride since last August 4th 2011, thank you for 365 days of space to think, write and post really silly stuff.


To Kevin; there’s no one on the whole planet I will ever love like I love you.

Here they come, here we go

Friends and family are hitting this town hard and I am all sprinkled up inside with happyskiddles! There is no one on this planet like my best girls, my family, the people who add that whizz pop bang, and who give you peace and calm.  From far and wide, long ago and just the other day…


To all of you, without you, this all might not have come to be – I love you!

They call it a wedding party



And beers.

Tonight we are celebrating all the hoopty-la-la love that the week’s wrapped up in, with a barbuh-Q (obvi I am a sophisticated and lauded hostess.)

Three new brothers, a sister-to-be…



A spirit sister…

A sissy…

…and meat.

Chin chin!

P.S. When I was doing sophisticated blog research (pinteresting for good looking photographs of beer), Kevin spied these and demanded that they be included.  I see his point because they are terrific.

Everybody deserves to just kick back…

Truer words…